electric callus remover

The electric callus remover is a low effort way to achieve softer skin again.The ergonomically shaped handle and no-slip grip makes for a more comfortable process, and the rechargeable battery apparently features a 750-hour lifespan.

Product Features

*The electric callus remover has micro-mineral rollers spin at 360 degrees, it can help to gently and effectively remove hard and rough skin

*The electric callus remover is Rechargeable and performs with extreme strength every time.

*The electric callus can Gently and effectively buffs away dead skin, calloused, hard and dry skin in seconds.

*Unique roller with micro mineral particles pulverizes dead skin in an instant

*Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which uses blades to cut the skin

*Whole body is washable with waterproof IPx6 standard

*The electric callus remover has a 600ma lithium battery and can be fully charged in one hour.

Product Parameters

Model Number:C6206

Single Gross Weight:0.25kg

Single Package Size: 17*6.3.6cm

Carton Size:38*45.3*25.5cm






1. Application:Self use,Hotel, Dormitory,Beauty Salon
2. OEM ODM: Acceptable
3. Supply Ability:20000 piece/pieces per month
4. Main products:hair straightener,hair straightener brush,callus remover,callus remover,electric razor,hair clippers
5. Products certifications:CE,ROHS,FCC