mini cordless hair straightener

Best mini Cordless Hair Straightener- Wzchoice Unbound Cordless Flat Iron A8002.When you use the mini cordless hair straightener,you can show-off your beautiful glossy straight hair!

Product Features

1.The materials of mini cordless hair straightener: PA66

2.The power of mini cordless hair straightener:25W

3.The temperature of mini cordless hair straightener:160 -180-200℃

4.charging time:3-4hours

5.20 minute automatic shutdown

6.battery specification: 2600mAh  3.7V

Product Parameters

Model Number:A8002

Single Gross Weight:0.29kg

Single Package Size: 20X3.2X4 cm

Carton Size:35* 25 * 36 cm






1.The back temperature of the mini cordless hair straightener is relatively high,so Please wear gloves before using the product.

2.The mini cordless hair straightener works better when your hair is dry.It is not recommended to use when the hair is wet.

3.After use the mini cordless hair straightener, please store it after natural cooling to avoid fire.